Dream Bathroom Designs: 20 Riveting Styles for Your Home

Sometimes, the bathroom does not get much design or love in the grand scheme of houses. People often consider the bathroom as a useful space but refrain from speaking about it, much less putting great thought into its overall design. For these reasons, typical bathrooms tend to be quite drab and dull. However, we’re not afraid of talking about the bathroom! In fact, we’re even going to show you pictures! Joins us as we share 20 riveting bathroom designs that are extraordinary and inspiring!


With an Asian-inspired style, this bathroom is elegant and chic, featuring a neutral color palette and soft lighting with translucent rice-paper style doors. Anchored by a large sit-in tub, the room features wood walls and flooring that are beautifully contrasted against a yellow wall. Simple fixtures expertly add to the beauty of this minimalistic and elegant design.



This bathroom reminds us of a Zen relaxation garden at one of the world’s most exclusive spas. Don’t you agree? From the bamboo stalks lining the glass-cubed exterior wall to the blue ceiling sky light effect, this room is stunning. Our favorite feature is the free-standing tub surrounded by stones and centered on dark wood flooring just below the vibrant blue skylight.



Nothing quite says luxurious like a chandelier hanging above a marble Jacuzzi. This bathroom takes luxury to new heights with marble columns, glass walls, and gold décor. Seemingly like a room straight from a castle, the etched glass walls, high ceiling and marble inset tub make this room truly one of a kind.



From the natural lighting and the off-white color palette to the beautiful window over the tub, this room is vibrant and welcoming. By using a single color from floor to ceiling, this room feels huge. The marble steps surrounding the tub add a level of interest to the room and the glass-enclosed shower create a beautiful reflection from the surrounding light.



This bathroom is one of kind with its blue ceiling lights and the purple lighting and design just under the ramp to the tub. Stone-façade walls give this room an underground or underwater feel, not to mention its window opening to a mysterious outer landscape. Perhaps the intended feel is an underwater spa where the blue domes allow visitors to enjoy the water overhead? Either way, we love this unique look.



The second bathroom on our list to feature a chandelier, this room is also luxurious. Centered by a free-standing Jacuzzi anchored by a unique base design and overhead chandelier, this room offers a variety of textures, patterns and color. The lime green door and vibrant blue stool add pops of color against dark cabinetry and patterned wall and floor tile.



Let’s be honest: bathrooms are likely the only space where steps can be relaxing when used in the overall design. Here, the three-tiered steps leading up to a deep inset tub make this space an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. An otherwise simple space, we love the addition of the surrounding patterned black and white wall to allow both natural lighting and a beautiful design to the room.



When the solar system meets elegance and design, rooms like this occur. We can’t help but notice the beautiful outer space color palette of deep blues and purples as well as the lighting just beyond the tub that looks like a faraway galaxy. Large tile and subtle lighting add to the look with a gorgeous elongated chandelier whose oval accessories add to the orbital theme.



Is this a bathroom with a tub or is this an indoor endless pool? The shower, of course, gives the answer away but could you imagine having a pool in your bathroom? An otherwise neutral color palette serves to enhance the blue water of the pool and the tile of the shower. Dark cabinetry anchors the room and adds reflection from the row of inset lighting and candles.



Usually, kitchens feature large islands to offer visual or design interest as well as functionality. Here, this bathroom features a dual-leveled island with a large inset tub in the center. Marble flooring and fixtures add elegance to the room, which also features a circular shower that resembles a large column style. Light wood cabinetry and detailed ceiling add elements of interest to this gorgeous space.



Have you always dreamed of relaxing in a bath overlooking an exquisite view of the mountains? This room offers gorgeous views both indoors and out. Round in shape, the ceiling is lined in gathered gold fabric from which the massive chandelier hangs. The gathered drapery continues to the marble floor to encircle the room. Featuring a claw-foot bathtub and beautiful views, this room is absolutely perfect!



One of the most unique bathrooms on our list, the lime green color palette certainly gives this room a different look. The inset yellow lighting and the hanging chandelier illuminate the room nicely against a large open window draped with green curtains. An inset tub surrounded by green tile as well as the green rug, finish off this unique look.



While bathrooms are typically light in design, this all-black color scheme is modern and truly incredible. Black square tile mirror the small tiles surrounding the Jacuzzi, carrying the black and white theme throughout the room and into the closet. The hanging red chandelier reflects beautiful red lighting on the ceiling that create a stunning effect of color throughout the room.



What makes this room feel so massive and spacious? The immaculate shower of course! Enclosed by glass walls and anchored by stone tile, this dual-head shower is absolutely huge in structure but, because of the design, does not overpower the room. From the plush ottoman to the stairs leading up to the tub, we truly love every part of this space!


Like the bathroom featured earlier on our list, this room feels like a Zen garden with its simple design that creates a tranquil space. The bamboo lined walls anchor dark cabinetry with white countertops and top-mounted white sinks. The deep round tub is surrounded by stones and is illuminated by candles to add to add serenity to this gorgeous design.


The most unique tub on our list thus far, this odd-shaped tub looks more like a dinner plate than an actual bathtub. The gold and white wallpaper pattern is enhanced by gold countertops, fixtures and the hanging chandelier. Dark flooring and natural lighting through the wall-sized window add beautiful contrast to this unique color palette.



This bathroom looks like a room straight from the bath house of a grand palace. The beautiful tiled walls surrounding the massive square tub add sparkle to the design and is enhanced by the ample natural lighting streaming through the window. The white marble surrounding the tub and covering the floors as well as the gold columns add luxury and regality to this exquisite look.


Purple is often a color scheme that is used in bedrooms for young or teenaged girls. Here, the purple color palette creates a modern and beautiful design. Multi-colored tiles lining the lower wall tie in the purple color palette nicely and make the white tub truly stand out in the design. Light wood flooring and a marble base to raise the height of the tub create added interest in the design of this room.



This bathroom reminds us of a large Italian villa with its oval windows, stone design and dark cabinetry. With unique architectural lines, this room is expansive and features wall-length cabinetry and dual vanities as well as a sitting area nestled between three windows. The deep Jacuzzi offers extra seating surrounding the tub and offers added greenery for color and an outdoor feel.



One of our favorite rooms on the list and the only to feature a fireplace, where exactly should we start? The beautiful white color palette and stainless fixtures ensure that the focal point of the room is the stone enclosed tub and etched glass doors. As if the fireplace wasn’t enough, the beautiful spiral chandelier perfectly mirrors the etched design on the doors and adds ample light to this stunning room.